Hormones & gut health affect each other - estrogren, progesterone, testosterone

Could you also have hormone issues that need to be addressed to get your guts back in check?
Are your moods all over the place, energy in the toilet, and metabolism moving at snail speed? You really do not have time to waste getting all of this in check again!
When you do not address hormone imbalances:
👎🏼You'll age faster
👎🏼Gain weight
👎🏼Be more at risk for heart disease/cancers/etc
👎🏼You'll affect your relationships with your moods being sour
👎🏼Your confidence will suck affecting your performance at your job
👋🏼Hi- I am Megan Bliss, Board Certified Nurse Practitioner, Hormone Health Consultant Specialist, and Health Coach
I have helped thousands of women ditch unwanted weight, enjoy life, and feel energized!
If you do not take a balanced approach to getting a handle on your hormones.....you will continue spinning in a hamster wheel of feeling like CRAP!
One client said, "I literally remember distinctly one day seeing and appreciating leaves on the trees for the first time in forever! I had lived being burned out and unmotivated for so long that I wasn't even able to notice them. Balancing my hormones made the world a more beautiful place!"
I work closely with @silverfernbrand to help my clients get great gut health for that critical component of our hormone health!
Hormone balance brings:
👍🏼Vibrant energy
👍🏼Aging gracefully
👍🏼An Effective Metabolism
Go to checkhormones.com to see if your hormones could be struggling AND have an opportunity to book a complimentary consult call with @meganblissnp

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