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Histamine Intolerance is known to originate in the gut - gut health

If “Histamine Intolerance Originates in the Gut” then does fixing the gut help resolve histamine intolerances?
I'm going to suggest the answer is "yes."
It is clearly a GI disorder. It's caused by a reduction of a gastrointestinal enzyme called DAO. Therefore, it can be assumed that by helping the gut one would help reduce histamine intolerances.
Intestinal mucosal damage (for example) is directly related to reduced DAO activity. When the mucosa is negatively affected histamine issues occur.
"However, DAO activity has been proposed as a marker of the integrity of intestinal mucosa."
"...reduced DAO activity was related to the degree of mucosal damage."
Where would I start for helping with histamine intolerances? I'd immediately load up on the MucoSave™ FG to help the mucosa lining and then I'd address all the issues contributing to the damage of the mucosa with the immunoglobulins and probiotics.
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