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Gut health affects mood, weight gain, acne, and so much more

Gut health literally affects how a person feels. That’s the science. If a person struggles with being ornery, feels out of sorts, is constantly stressed, and is frequently irritated, there is a great chance they have gut health problems.
Poor gut health doesn’t just affect digestion. It causes frustrations and problems well beyond constipation and diarrhea. People ask all the time about why they suddenly have unexplained weight gain: “My diet’s the same. I exercise daily. I’m not doing anything different, but I have gained 10 pounds in 3 months. Is that a gut problem?” It definitely could be.
Hormones are affected by gut health. The metabolism is definitely affected by gut health. People ask all the time about why they can’t get skin issues under control: “I’m 35 years old and for the last 7 years I have had horrible acne.
Could that be a gut problem?” For sure. No question. Yes.
When I had gut problems, I not only struggled with gut issues, allergies, and weight gain problems, but I also got irritable a lot. My anxiety and stress were constantly high. I still get anxious, and I still get stressed but I am a thousand times more pleasant to be around and I’m happier.
At Silver Fern™ Brand one of our primary objectives is to help people feel better. I want people that buy from us at the end of the day to resolve digestive issues and health problems (for certain), but I also want them to be happier and see more joy from life.
Doing gut health right matters well beyond solving gut problems.

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