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Evidence for leaky gut and its effect on multiple aspects of health - probiotics, prebiotics, immunoglobulins, antibodies, gut health

For not being a “real issue”, leaky gut (also called increased intestinal permeability) sure has a lot of clinical support behind it as being a fundamental cause or contributor to a lot of health problems.
There is also solid scientific support for key probiotics, prebiotics, and immunoglobulin/antibody concentrate blends (along with changing lifestyle choices) that can
correct the imbalances and intestinal permeability in the gut in such a way as to manifest in fewer stomach problems and issues.
“Leaky gut isn’t real!!!! Don’t lie!!!!” is a common reaction we get from our posts on leaky gut. Our microbiologist and science team suggests that along with bacteria imbalances (dysbiosis), leaky gut is a major contributing factor to everything from serious stomach issues to skin
problems and autoimmune issues.
To respond to the use of supplements for addressing leaky gut, Bacillus clausii SC-109, Bacillus subtilis HU58, and Bacillus coagulans SC-208 were used in a human leaky gut study, where they were found to reduce serum LPS levels by 60% in as little as 30 days without any additional dietary interventions. S. boulardii therapeutics dramatically reduce levels of lipopolysaccharide (LPS) binding protein – a biomarker of leaky gut – and lowered production of the inflammatory cytokine IL-6.
While I do believe supplements are helpful, I strongly suggest a person needs to change lifestyle choices to more effectively address leaky gut. For those with a view that leak gut is a fake issue, maybe we can all agree on the fact that in order for someone to get away from stomach problems they need to move away from the “Western Diet”, stress, and bacteria imbalances.
Since the gut is connected to the brain (Gut-Brain Axis), skin (Gut-Skin Axis), and other parts of the body it is a good thing to have a healthy gut.

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