Good Gut Health Breaks Yo-Yo Dieting

Did you know that 95% of people that lose weight gain it back? Crazy isn’t it. And did you also know that gut health has a huge impact on your weight regain? It does. The Los Angeles Times’ article, "Why yo-yo dieters often can’t keep the weight off", is an interesting article associating gut health with weight regain. Here are some highlights from the article:

“The community of microorganisms that inhabit the gut are a key culprit, experiments in mice suggest. After being altered by obesity, this collection of bacteria, viruses, and protozoa — collectively known as the gut microbiome — subverts any effort to keep lost weight off. Instead, it seems to encourage the body to regain lost weight by storing more calories as fat, and it does so in ways that exaggerate the body’s unhealthy metabolic response to weight gain.”

“The findings, published Thursday in the journal Nature, offer fresh insight into a problem that dieters know too well: As many as 95% of those who lose at least a tenth of their body weight tend to gain it back within a year, along with a little extra.”

“But the research also offers hope that this problem may be overcome by giving the gut a little boost.”

“The serial dieters had higher proportions of body fat, more worrisome cholesterol profiles, and more serious metabolic problems, such as insulin irregularities and glucose intolerance, the study authors reported.”

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