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Food avoidance due to food intolerance is not way to live - gut health, digestive enzymes, probiotics, dairy intolerance, gluten intolerance, fodmap

I don’t want to take away all the joy and excitement from constantly removing various types of food from everyone’s diets to help them all feel better (this is sarcasm), but should a person want to eat freely that can be accomplished short-term and long-term. ⁠
I’m suggesting that (in my opinion) food avoidance and restrictions (such as onions, garlic, fruit, vegetables, dairy, etc.) are absolutely miserable and horrible so they are not a great long-term diet plan. Just my opinion.⁠
At Silver Fern™ Brand, I like to help people start at the beginning of gut health. And while people are⁠
improving their own digestive abilities for food, correcting bacteria imbalances, and doing a complete restoration of the gut to address their own beginning for gut health, I like to help them still have a normal life.⁠
Everyone has their own starting point. I have one suggestion for everyone with gut health problems,⁠
please start in the right spot with gut health. The other option is failure.⁠
I experienced digestive problems in the past (heartburn, reflux, food sensitivities, stomach pains, etc.). It was literally driving me crazy. I’m a foodie and love to try new foods. Food restrictions do not work well for me. ⁠
Gut problems were not an acceptable option long-term. I now have my food freedom again. And I love it!⁠

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