Diverticulitis - gut health, constipation, diarrhea

So, what do you do about it?

To help these issues you have to
1️⃣ clean up the colon
2️⃣ build up the barrier of the large intestine/colon
3️⃣ help reduce inflammatory issues.

If you do have constipation issues then step 1 will be to help improve motility while at the same time "greasing" or "lubing up" the colon and cleaning out the pathogens. AKA reducing infection issues. Step 2 of this approach would then be to do a massive clean-up and gut barrier build-up. Not sort of either. You'll want a major mucosal and epithelial layer build-up. Finally, you will build up the gut so it doesn't happen again. (Yes, lifestyle choices are key to this too)

If you do not have constipation, then you can move right into a massive clean-up, which also includes a major gut barrier build-up and reduction in inflammatory processes in the colon.

You have two possible starting points. Please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand with the following:

If you do have constipation, please consider starting with our slowmotility+ protocol. DM us #SlowMotility+ for this protocol.

If you do not have constipation, please DM us #Autoimmune. I know you may not have autoimmune issues, but you definitely have inflammatory issues and this protocol is what you are looking for.

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