Digestive enzymes are a good short-term solution to food intolerances but what's the long-term plan? - gut health, probiotics, digestive enzymes

Food problems anyone?
The short-term solution for food intolerances is enzymes. Take enough of the right enzymes with meals and a lot of food issues can be addressed quickly. But is that really a long-term answer? Maybe not.

The gut should naturally produce enzymes for digestion. That's what a healthy gut should do. And you actually want the gut to break down FODMAP foods and such on its own to provide healthy gut compounds.

What you need is a proven gut health protocol. And in that protocol (not necessarily at the beginning), you need a probiotic with specific strains shown to help with food issues. You need probiotics that help with gut balance, gut barrier integrity (less leaking), and less inflammatory problems. You need probiotics that are shown to drive out pathogen issues. Choosing the right probiotic goes well beyond price point.

We may not start with probiotics in our protocols for everyone, but we definitely end with probiotics that include B. coagulans and S. boulardii.

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