Digestive Enyzmes help with building muscle- gut health, protein, digestive enzymes

Believe it or not, loading up on more protein may not be as effective as taking the right enzymes with the protein you are eating so that you absorb more of it.

In the past, I have posted on keys to protein absorption. Gastric juices (produced by a healthy stomach barrier) are key to protein digestion. Many people have too little and not too much stomach acid or gastric juices. With this comes a deficiency in enzymes to break down protein.

Due to the translocation of pathogens from the digestive system to the pancreas (via leaky gut or increased intestinal permeability) that cause inflammation in the pancreas, some experience lower than normal production of enzymes. This also reduces enzymes (peptidase and protease) needed for protein digestion.

Many people are trying to consume large amounts of protein each day to build lean muscle mass. If you jump into the research, it is suggested by some that your body can naturally absorb about 25 grams of protein per serving. More than this may be a waste of protein. Taking the right enzymes "...have been verified experimentally on increasing protein digestibility and then enhancing protein use."
"Effects of reduced-protein diets with protease supplementation on growth, carcass yield, intestinal morphology, organ development, nutrient digestibility..."
National Library of Medicine

When our microbiologist formulated our enzymes he paid special attention to protein breakdown and absorption. He formulated a broad-spectrum enzyme blend that offered many benefits including complete protein breakdown.

You'll notice Digestive Enzyme has protease, acid-stable protease, and peptidase. We find this combination is best for protein breakdown.

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