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Counteracting years of toxin exposure - gut health, probiotics, immunoglobulins

What's the best way to counteract years of consuming things that aren’t good for someone?
1️⃣ Increase motility: It's very difficult for anything to go anywhere if the system is not moving correctly. When the internal system is stagnant, bad things will continue to grow and increase causing all sorts of issues.
2️⃣ Clean out: When I say “clean out” I literally mean a removal of bacteria toxins, virus toxins, environmental toxins, chemical toxins, mold toxins, etc. A real clean up actually cleans out real bad things.
How does the body normally clean up toxins/antigens? Immunoglobulins and true probiotics can help with this. "Each antibody (immunoglobulin) has a unique binding site shape
which locks onto the specific shape of the antigen (toxin). The antibodies destroy the antigen (toxin) which is then engulfed and digested by macrophages.”
3️⃣ Gut build out (like a full build out): The key to gut health isn’t hundreds of billions of CFUs of a few strains. The greater the microbiome diversity the better the overall health and well-being of a person. Beneficial bacteria diversity is key to gut health. That’s the goal. If the probiotics and prebiotics one is taking aren’t building out a wide variety of healthy bacteria types then they are not helping achieve the BEST outcomes one wants in a gut health program.

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