Correcting gut health can feel uncomfortable at first, here's why - probiotics, die-off effect, bacteria overgrowth, detox, toxins

Correcting gut health can feel worse before it feels better. According to our science team, that’s the truth.
Short-term symptom solutions are probably a quick, feel-good method but correcting the underlying issues can be uncomfortable.
There is a war going on in the gut. When the good side is losing, all sorts of health challenges occur (everything from digestive discomforts to skin irritations).
When a person dramatically starts correcting those issues, the bad side doesn’t suddenly surrender and go away peacefully. They go out with a fight and that fight can hurt.
Here’s the scoop:
▪️ Toxins may be residing in the intestinal plaque buildup on the intestinal walls from years of exposure to toxins
▪️ Breaking down years of toxin buildup may cause discolored stools, harder than normal stools, bloating (from the binding mechanism of immunoglobulins), and a feeling of constipation (bound up toxins take up more room in the digestive tract)
▪️ Real toxin removers, like immunoglobulins, actually go in and remove toxins from the digestive tract (these do not go into the blood system and cause an increase in antibodies in the blood)
▪️ Killing toxins may cause die-off effect: when bad bacteria die, they release toxins that can cause body aches, pains, fatigue, constipation, diarrhea, brain fog, etc.
▪️ Real probiotics, like B. subtilis and P. acidilactici, have very strong antibacterial and antifungal properties
▪️ Correcting years of problems will take time
Lastly, one must use best judgement to determine if they are taking the wrong products, are taking the right products at the wrong time, or if they are simply experiencing pain from correcting gut problems.
The secret is to be guided to where to start and with what to start with. As always, please start in the right spot for correcting gut health.

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