Cold and Flu season got you worried? - gut health, probiotics, antibiotics

The reports this cold and flu season are terrifying. It's scary. The severity, the instances, and add on top a shortage of medications...almost makes you not want to leave the house, almost.

What can you do to help your family stay as healthy as possible and limit the severity if they do get sick? GUT HEALTH

We preach the importance of gut health all the time, but why? Gut health affects EVERYTHING, including immunity. Its not to say you won't ever get sick but the severity and longevity can be significantly impacted in your favor.

What if you do need an antibiotic? Then you do. But antibiotics come with their own side effects. Helping your gut while taking antibiotics can help lessen the severity of those effects and get your gut back on track ASAP.

But not any probiotics. You need probiotics that will survive in the presence of antibiotics. Not only survive but will work alongside the antibiotic to get you back to feeling your best self quickly. ⁠

What strains offer this?⁠
🚫 Lactobacillus
🚫 Bifidobacterium
✅ S. boulardii⁠
✅ B. clausii ⁠
✅ B. coagulans ⁠
✅ B. subtilis ⁠

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