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Are you skeptical about large, expensive protocols? - gut health, probiotics, IBS, IBD, SIBO, candida

Here are some thoughts:⁠
1. When in doubt test it out. Before buying a full protocol, it is fine to buy 1 product or consider taking our quiz to help determine where to start and ease into products. The Silver Fern Quiz is all about helping people ease into our products before jumping into a massive protocol. Easing into new products is totally fine. (Link in profile)⁠
2. All protocols come with ways to save money on them. ⁠
3. If you are doubtful that’s okay. I’ve got thousands of people that are. In about 5-6 months, you can ask about results from the more aggressive protocols we just recently launched. You can always start the larger protocols after becoming more comfortable that our products are not only high quality, but effective. ⁠
This all being said...⁠
I have one massive regret: ⁠
I didn’t start certain customers aggressive enough when they asked to go aggressive.⁠
When my customers don’t see results it makes me physically ill and embarrassed. I’ve been so worried about cost in the past that I have been trying hard to skinny down protocols. My operations and accounting people want smaller protocols. My ad managers tell me to, “Cut the size down! Customers want to go smaller not bigger.” Customers want lower price points. The pressure to go smaller has been enormous. Here’s the problem: big issues don’t get addressed poking at them or teasing with them. ⁠
Going forward, my personal protocols are going to be built to address the issues that customers have. There is zero pressure to do the protocols. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. You won’t hurt my feelings at all. ⁠
After you test the products using the quiz and feel comfortable that it's not a gimmick, let me help you go more aggressive. I'd love to help.⁠

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