A non-laxative, natural, fast and effective approach to constipation - gut health, digestion, bloating

Here’s the constipation dilemma: fast motility relief and non-laxative do not usually go together.

When a person has constipation, they are usually advised to jump straight to laxatives because it isn’t like anyone with constipation wants to hold it all in for 3 to 6 months while they address the underlying issues. The problem is that once someone becomes reliant upon laxatives for regularity then what? They can’t just stop them. Can they?

In the past, I would high dose people on our Upper GI Relief product for 3 months to help them get regularity. And I would ask them to very slowly wean off laxatives. It worked most of the time (but not always). It cost roughly $300 plus dollars just to do this 3-month protocol.

We have searched and searched and searched for a better option. Honestly, I didn’t think that a non-laxative option existed. It turns out it does!

Constipation Plus Kit

If you have bad constipation, please consider buying an extra bottle of Regularity and take 2 capsules at night before bed. If you have mild constipation, you should be fine with 1 capsule before bed.

Regularity contains prickly pear cactus polysaccharides and olive leaf polyphenols. When they are paired together, they work very well.

**If you are reliant on laxatives, please slowly wean off them while using the Constipation Plus Kit**

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand

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