A beneficial bacteria that may help reduce exhaustion for those with chronic fatigue - gut health, prebiotics

What is F. prausnitzii? It's a beneficial bacteria found in the gut.

Promoting the growth of F. prausnitzii may strongly reduce exhaustion from chronic fatigue syndrome.

Not too many years ago, the scientific community could only really say that chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) was linked to imbalances and inflammation. They could also strongly correlate a connection between digestive problems and CFS. Inflammatory markers (like LPS) were shown to be high.

Now the science is able to actually pinpoint actual strains of good bacteria (F. prausnitzii) that may be able to reduce exhaustion for people with CFS.

It is always best to establish motility and clean up a gut before trying to target the growth of beneficial bacteria, but here are some prebiotics shown to increase F. prausnitzii:
✅Baobab Acacia
✅Polyphenol prebiotics

Gut health products and protocols should be (along with helping with motility and a gut clean up) targeting the growth of beneficial bacteria like F. prausnitzii.

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