6 side effects of Ozempic® & Wegovy® for weight loss- gut health, gastroparesis, constipation

If you have noticed people recently dropping crazy amounts of weight fast, they may be on either of these products (same product with two different names).

These products use semaglutide. The brand name for this for weight loss is Wegovy®. The other name for it is Ozempic®.

Semaglutide improves insulin resistance/reduces blood sugar. This is good for Type 2 Diabetes (produce more insulin and reduce blood sugar). When people stop taking them they usually regain the lost weight. I might call this a short-term benefit but long-term failure.

Away from the issue of regaining the weight, what may be concerning to many is the fact that it slows gastric emptying, which helps people feel full longer. Slow gastric emptying is a motility issue. The name for this is called gastroparesis. This can cause additional gut health issues. It does appear, however, that the slow gastric emptying issues are reversable. This is good.

For your consideration, type 2 diabetes is also reversable with diet changes and weight loss. This may not be the fastest method but probably much better in the long term.

I wonder if there aren't better ways to improve satiety, improve insulin production, and lower blood sugar away from drugs with all the side effects? It is definitely something we are researching at the moment.

I try not to take a hard stance against meds because there may be times in which they are needed. And some meds can be helpful in the short-term if other efforts are being taken at the same time to help address the underlying causes of the problems.

This post is not to encourage or discourage the use of Ozempic® or Wegovy® for weight loss. It is purely to discuss some of the side effects from using these medications for weight loss.✌🏼

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