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If you are looking for a top-to-bottom, effective, and comprehensive approach to your gut health, the Slow Motility+ Protocol is for you. The entire digestive system is interconnected; when one part of it is struggling the entire system struggles. The Slow Motility+ Protocol is for anyone with constipation, feelings of incomplete emptying, reflux, heartburn, nausea, burping, belching, and stomach discomfort. This protocol will help turn on motility throughout your digestive system as well as open the detox pathways critical for an effective gut clean-up process.*

Restoring Gut Health is a Process, Not an Event!

Silver Fern’s™ 3-Step Plan will guide you through the complete process, but you will see results even in Step 1!

Step 1 – 90 days (Reflux & Motility)

Step 1 is designed to soothe the stomach, jump start motility, and prepare the intestines for detoxification. Step 1 may also help:

  • Relieve recent and long-term constipation, reflux, heartburn, nausea, burping, cramping, belching, bloating, gas, feelings of fullness, feelings of not completely emptying, and stomach discomfort*
  • Restore full regularity without the need for future products*
  • Protect the esophagus and stomach barrier against acid*
  • Support healthy stomach acid levels*
  • Prepare the gut for the final phase of detox (aka elimination phase)*

Step 2 – 120 days (Cleanup Protocol)

The Cleanup step helps rid the body of unwanted microbes living in the stomach, small intestine, and large intestine. These microbes include bad bacteria, fungi, parasites, archaea and yeast. The Cleanup protocol may help with:

  • Clear the gut microbiome of problematic species*
  • Reduce overgrowth of bad bacteria and yeast
  • Adress parasite, mycotoxin, and biofilm concerns*
  • Immune and inflammatory responses*
  • Histamine intolerances*
  • Overproduction of gas in the small and large intestine*

Step 3 – 120 days (Build-Up Protocol)

Now that your system is turned on and you’ve cleaned it up, it's time to rebuild the microbiome with good bacteria and keystone species. A true gut restoration needs to go beyond simply increasing the presence of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains. It can actually create an environment that is inhospitable to bad microbes and provides a nurturing niche for good species. The Build-Up step does just that! It may help with:

  • Building back key bacterial types for a healthy microbiome and immune system*
  • Increasing production of short-chain fatty acids for a healthy gut barrier*
  • Improving enzyme production for food intolerances*
  • Strengthening the immune system for skin, allergies, asthma, and mood concerns*
  • Reducing inflammation in the skin
  • Soothing the gut-brain axis for emotional wellbeing

Step 1 Reflux & Motility

90-Day Protocol to Help Restore Comfort and Regularity*

Mild Constipation Issues

REFLUX (1 bottle) - 1 scoop per day with or without food (preferably in the morning)

MOTILITY (1 bottle) - 2 capsules per day with or without food (preferably in the morning)

Moderate to Severe Constipation Issues

REFLUX (2 bottles) - 2 scoops of Reflux per day with or without a meal (preferably in the morning)

MOTILITY (2 bottles) - 4 capsules of Motility per day with or without food (preferably in the morning)

Reflux - Mucosal Support's Key Ingredient and Its Role:

The key ingredient in Silver Fern’s Reflux is MucoSave®, it can help counteract reflux and heartburn issues, improve digestive function, and repair the protective mucosal layer. It helps with normal stomach acid secretion and is key to gut hydration, regularity, proper gut barrier function, nutrient absorption, and healthy inflammatory responses in the gut.

Reflux can help:

  • Hydrate the colon for improved regularity*
  • Support the small intestinal barrier for proper DAO enzyme production*
  • Improve nutrient absorption*

Dosing: Take 1 scoop per day, best taken after a meal. Mix in with 2-12 ounces of water per serving.

Motility's Ingredients and their role:

Motility is a powerful combination of three key ingredients that can help stimulate peristalsis (the motion in the system that causes regularity) and helps with the many minute details that are frequently skipped with other slow motility products.*

Artichoke Leaf Extract:
The specialized artichoke leaf extract in Motility helps with bile acid secretion. Bile acids modulate gastric emptying as well as small and intestinal colonic motility.

Tender Okra Pods
Okra pods contain mucilage, a gelatinous substance that can help soothe and support the protective barrier in the gut known as the mucosal barrier.

Winter Cherry (ashwagandha):
Winter cherry can help the body more effectively manage stress and improve serotonin signaling, both of which play an important role in proper gut motility. If you have a nightshade sensitivity, please note that the winter cherry is an extract and does not appear to have the compounds that may aggravate inflammatory responses and should not increase histamine production.*

Motility may help:

  • Promote bile acid secretion*
  • Maintain peristalsis, the wave-like motion that pushes material through digestion*
  • Hydrate stools for comfortable transit and ease of evacuation*
  • Lower cortisol levels and stress responses*
  • Improve serotonin levels which in turn promotes motility*

Dosing: Take 2 capsules per day with water.

Reflux & Motility Together

Together these products are extremely effective at helping with reflux, heartburn, and stomach problems. Except for a few rare circumstances (ZES, obstructions, and chronic kidney failure), stomach problems are not actually caused by too much stomach acid. Whether it’s reflux, heartburn, indigestion, or some other stomach problems, we find that effectively helping with the following three areas helps the most:

(1) Build up the stomach barrier to protect against acid

(2) Supporting normal stomach acid production

(3) Improve gastric emptying (motility) to reduce the pressure and volume in the abdomen that may be weakening the lower esophageal sphincter (LES)

We recommend following this first step for at least 90 days. This is the timeframe required to jumpstart motility and program your body to function independently after completion of the protocol. Discontinuing the protocol prematurely may cause you to revert to where you started. *

Slow Motility+ Protocol Tips

  1. While most people see results within the first few weeks, please give Step 1 at least 30 days to help with constipation, reflux, heartburn, and other stomach discomforts. Motility is not a laxative, and neither Reflux nor Motility will inhibit or block acid. If you have immediate needs for help with constipation, reflux, or heartburn issues, please see your doctor and talk with them about the appropriate options for you.*
  2. You may have constipation along with diarrhea and loose stools issues. This is not uncommon as slow motility issues can cause diarrhea and loose stools. We have found that starting with slow motility first is the most effective way to resolve both issues.
  3. If you are concerned about Stevia, monk fruit, or natural flavors, you may replace Reflux in this protocol with Regularity. Regularity contains the same key MucoSave® ingredient as Reflux. Replace 1 scoop of Reflux with 1 capsule of Regularity.  You must open the capsules of Regularity to add into a food or drink of your choice for it to be effective. It is critical for MucoSave® to be able to coat the esophagus and stomach.  Opening the capsule and pouring it into a liquid is the preferred delivery method as this will maximize the contact area with the stomach.
  4. Reflux can be added to juice, food, drinks, smoothies, or water according to your preference.
  5. If you are on laxatives, you can typically start easing off them in weeks 2 to 4 or at the first signs of loose stools. As your regularity returns, laxatives may cause diarrhea and loose stools. This is an indication that you may no longer need laxatives. Please do not take Motility at the same time of day as laxatives and remember that high doses of caffeine can also act as laxatives.
  6. If you are taking acid blockers and want to stop using them, please do not start easing off them until weeks 2 to 4 or at the first signs that your stomach issues are lessening. You may take Reflux and acid blockers at the same time of day.
  7. If you have been on Motility for several weeks and you find that your stools are the consistency of “soft-serve ice cream,” please consider adding more fiber to your diet to help give your stool more form. Fiber deficiency will affect the quality of your regularity. Sensitive Gut Fiber is a low FODMAP prebiotic fiber that can help with constipation and regularity.
  8. If you have slow stomach emptying issues, please wait until the feelings of fullness have been gone for 2 weeks before adding fiber to your diet. Fiber may make people with slow gastric emptying feel worse.
  9. We do not recommend mixing and matching other products and protocols with this protocol. Vitamins and enzymes that do not make you feel nauseous or uncomfortable are fine to take during all stages of the protocols.  Please always consult your doctor or physician before taking these or any other supplements.
  10. MucoSave® in Reflux provides a rapid gel-like coating to the digestive system. This immediate change in the microbiome may cause some cause gas and bloating. If this occurs, reduce the dosing of Reflux for a week then build back to normal doses as your system allows. 

If your reflux and heartburn issues persist after 90 days of taking Reflux and Motility, please consider the following options:

  • Your reflux and heartburn issues may stem from bacterial imbalances in the stomach. Bacterial imbalances may cause gastritis and low stomach acid. pylori overgrowth, for example, has been shown to cause reflux and heartburn. Please consider doing the Pathogen Protocol after Reflux + Motility if reflux and heartburn issues persist.
  • A hiatal hernia is when the stomach bulges through the diaphragm. A hiatal hernia can result in a retention of acid that can back up into the esophagus causing reflux and heartburn. Products cannot repair a hiatal hernia.  Please see a medical professional if you believe you have a hiatal hernia problems. Reducing upper abdominal pressure may help prevent a hiatal hernia from worsening, and therefore help with the reflux and heartburn caused by a hiatal hernia, but they will never resolve a hiatal hernia. 

Common Slow Motility+ Protocol Questions:

You may have many questions about what this protocol may or may not help with. Everyone has different circumstances with different problems and concerns. The underlying causes for many different health and gut problems come from the same four key areas:

(1) Microbial imbalances

(2) Stomach and gut barrier problems including gut permeability 

(3) Inflammation

(4) Malfunctioning immune system

These core problems are responsible for histamine intolerance, food intolerances, food sensitivities, food allergies, allergies, asthma, autoimmune problems, skin issues, mood problems, nutrient absorption metabolic issues, NAFLD, pancreatitis, and more. The Slow Motility+ protocol was designed to help with these concerns.


Everyone’s circumstances are different, and we are also aware that overly strict diets are likely to fail. Here are some general guidelines and suggestions for a balanced approach to your diet during this protocol.

  • Reduce or eliminate eating fast food and heavily processed foods
  • Reduce or eliminate the use of alcohol
  • Reduce or eliminate the use of artificial sweeteners
  • Reduce or eliminate consuming sugary foods, treats, and drinks
  • If you are on a low FODMAP diet, please reduce or eliminate FODMAP foods until you are 3 to 4 months into the Build Up protocol (after the Cleanup Protocol)
  • If a food causes you discomfort now, please reduce or eliminate it until you are into the Build Up Protocol

With all of that said, we find balance is helpful. We suggest you consider a balanced approach to your diet. If you need a “cheat” meal or snack we understand.  If you do, we recommend taking enzymes to help your system handle it better.  As always, the better you are at cutting these items out, the easier it becomes and the faster you’ll have results so that you can start adding them back in!

Side Effects:

Always consult with your doctor or physician about any interactions any supplement may have with your medications or health history.

Some customers experience gas and bloating when taking Reflux, this is typically only temporary. MucoSave™ is a prebiotic which your body may need to adjust to. Our experience shows that these issues go away as your microbiome adapts to this new prebiotic. If you experience any of these symptoms, we recommend reducing the dosing of Reflux as needed.  As your body adjusts you can then slowly increase the dosing back to the originally suggested amount. 

Allergic reactions are not common. If you have skin irritations or other signs of allergies from these products or any products stop using them immediately and consult your doctor.

How Do You Know If You Are Taking a Laxative?

MiraLAX®, Ducolax®, Senokot®, and Milk of Magnesia are commonly known laxatives.

Laxatives you may not be aware of:

  • Magnesium citrate
  • Magnesium hydroxide
  • Magnesium carbonate
  • High doses of vitamin C
  • Senna
  • Cascara sagrada
  • Aloe vera (mild laxative)
  • Coffee (mild laxative effect)
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.