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The most common symptom we hear about at Silver Fern™ Brand is constipation, hands down. Constipation Plus combines Regularity - Constipation Relief, Reflux with the power of bitter herbs, Sensitive Gut Fiber, and Upper GI Relief to help relieve slow motility issues (constipation) and digestive discomforts such as reflux/heartburn (indigestion/dyspepsia), bloating, burping, belching, esophageal problems, and general stomach discomfort!*

Constipation Plus Kit - Natural Fast-Acting Support for Digestive Issues*

Constipation is one of the most common issues that happens with the gut. When motility is slow the whole system gets backed up and can shut down. Bacterial imbalances, fungal overgrowth, inflammatory issues, and compromised gut barrier integrity are all natural consequences that can be caused by constipation. Most of the approaches to helping with slow motility don’t correct the underlying problems, they simply apply a temporary band-aid and hope it will go away. If you are like most people that reach out to us, the short term relief is only temporary and the problem always returns. *

Constipation Plus was designed to help address the underlying issues quickly, naturally, and effectively without causing dependency or making digestive issues worse. Constipation Plus actually helps with more than just slow motility issues. It also helps to deal with acid issues, bloating, gas, discomfort, and more. Most importantly, this kit helps do all this without containing any laxatives or acid blockers!*

What is the Constipation Plus Kit?

Constipation Plus helps address the underlying causes of constipation and slow motility problems:*

  • Slow peristalsis*
  • Slow gastric emptying*
  • Bacterial imbalances*
  • Poor gut barrier function*

Constipation Plus combines four key products to help with regularity, support the intestinal mucosal barrier (leaky gut issues), help soothe flare up issues, help reduce oxidative stress, and promote beneficial bacteria. It can help calm the system down and allow dry stools to move through the system much easier. The Constipation Plus Kit doesn't force bowel regularity, use laxatives, or create a dependency problem. It helps support normal motility, helps increase nutrient absorption, and helps restore the bowels back to effective, efficient food processing.*

    What products are included in the Constipation Plus Kit?

    • Regularity - Constipation Relief
    • Reflux – Mucosal Support
    • Sensitive Gut Fiber
    • Upper GI Relief

    Regularity - Constipation Relief(1 BOTTLE)

    Regularity contains a unique and rare blend of prickly pear polysaccharides, olive leaf polyphenols, and SunFiber® Galactomannan fiber. These ingredients combine synergistically to help support the digestive system and promote regularity. They help address the root causes of constipation instead of just providing a short term bandaid.*

    Here are some of the many benefits of Regularity - Constipation Relief:*

    • Helps with constipation*
    • Helps with reflux/heartburn*
    • Helps with gas, bloating, and swelling*
    • Helps with abdominal discomfort*
    • Supports the intestinal mucosal barrier*
    • Helps reduce oxidative stress*
    • Promotes the growth of beneficial gut bacteria needed for regularity*
    • Helps normalize stools*
    • Is low-FODMAP for fewer digestive discomforts*
    • Helps move digestion through faster and easier*
    • Helps increase the abundance of key bacteria shown to help with constipation issues*
    • Supports nutrient absorption*

    Dosing: Take 1 capsule in the evening, with or without food.

    Reflux - Mucosal Support (1 BOTTLE) *Mixed Berry, Peach Mango, or Vanilla Cream Flavor Options

    Contains prickly pear polysaccharides, olive leaf polyphenols, and slippery elm bark. These all combine together to help coat and soothe the mucosal layer and help provide a protective barrier. All of this put into a delicious and effective berry flavored powder drink mix for upper gastrointestinal support and relief:*

    Here are some of the many benefits of Reflux - Mucosal Support:*

    • Helps with occasional reflux/heartburn*
    • Helps with gas, bloating, and swelling*
    • Helps with abdominal discomfort*
    • Helps with constipation*
    • Helps reduce the sense of fullness*
    • Helps with nausea*
    • Supports intestinal mucosal barrier*
    • Helps reduce oxidative stress*
    • Promotes the growth of beneficial gut bacteria needed for regularity*
    • Supports nutrient absorption*
    • Please note ingredients are strong and may taste bitter

    Dosing: Take 1 scoop of powder mixed in 12 ounces of water with the last meal of the day.

    Sensitive Gut Fiber (1 BOTTLE)

    Sensitive Gut Fiber includes a specialized blend of unique ingredients designed to help provide comfortable digestive support.  It also helps promote the growth of beneficial and healthy gut bacteria, helps restore regularity in the bowels, and does this all without the harsh uncomfortable side effects that come with so many fiber supplements.*

    • Helps with solid regularity*
    • Promotes intestinal health*
    • Helps reduce glycemic index*
    • Helps reduce hunger*
    • Helps support nutrient absorption*
    • Helps promote beneficial bacterium types such as Bifidobacterium to help with constipation*
    • Helps promote beneficial bacteria like Akkermansia, Christensenellaceae, and F. prausnitzii for metabolic support*
    • Helps promote short-chain fatty acid production*
    • Helps restore the gut barrier *

    Dosing: Take 1 scoop of powder daily, mixed with water, smoothies, shakes, etc.


    Powerful Unique Digestive Support!*Helps to promote normal digestion, regulate stomach acid, balance H. pylori levels, soothe the stomach and reduce digestive discomforts such as gas, bloating, and indigestion.*

    • Helps with stomach acid imbalances*
    • Supports intestinal bowel regularity*
    • Helps reduce gas and bloating*
    • Helps relieve occasional reflux, heartburn, and stomach discomforts*
    • Helps control the growth of Helicobacter pylori in the stomach*
    • Helps protect gastric mucosa*
    • Helps soothe nausea*
    • Supports bile production and secretion for proper fat digestion*

    GI Relief is a powerful digestive aid that helps with symptoms of indigestion.*

    Dosing: 2 capsules per day, 1 capsule per meal. (Take within 30 minutes of eating, either before, during, or after your meal)

    * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.