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Why Immunoglobulins? - ibs, ibd, crohns, colitis, food intolerance, allergies, leaky gut

The real question isn’t whether an immunoglobulin (SBI) concentrate is needed for gut issues. The scientifically proven answer to that is, “Yes.” An immunoglobulin concentrate should be absolutely (in my opinion) used to help with all gut issues. ⁠
The real question with using immunoglobulins is whether a person should start with them? When do they take them? And at what dose should they take them at (dependent upon the severity of the issues)? ⁠
Finally, there is the question of what else does a person need to take with them and in what order to best address the specific issues they have? ⁠
If a person has severe constipation issues associated with SIBO or IBS (for example), then they would use Cleanse as a second step. When motility is slow, it needs to be addressed first. Immunoglobulins act as a binder. This binding action is not a laxative (for certain). For severe diarrhea/loose stool issues, the immunoglobulins are needed in step 1. ⁠
“What’s the plan then? Why not share the plan?” (I hear this ALL the time.)⁠
There isn’t a (singular) plan because there isn’t a (singular) problem. There are many problems (with approximately 27 different start points). The dosing and protocol are different for each. ⁠

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