Why does a strong mucus layer matter? - gut health, leaky gut

What is leaky gut?

This is a general term used to refer to an unhealthy gut lining allowing pathogens, food particles, etc. into the body where they cause a wide range of issues from autoimmune problems and food issues to diseases and skin problems.

The allowable structure functional claim all products in the gut industry are using is something like:
"Supports gut barrier integrity"

But there is a massive difference in a 2% improvement in gut barrier integrity and a 75% improvement in gut barrier integrity. Which one version of gut barrier integrity are you looking for? And then, how are the ingredients you are taking doing that?

The first gut barrier line of defense is the mucus layer.

Specifically to the mucus layer of the gut barrier, we like MucoSave™. MucoSave™ forms a muco-protective gel-like substance that coats the mucosal barrier and adheres very effectively to the intestinal wall in a process known as mucoadhesion. This protective coating can provide relief from pain and inflammatory issues. It is key to gut barrier help.

If you are re-enforcing the mucus layer while helping clean everything up, you are likely to see improvements faster.

MucoSave™ is a bitter ingredient. It just is. When you drink it, it coats the esophagus and stomach as a coating system, not a Crystal Light drink mix.

Reflux-Mucosal Support and Regularity-Motility Support both contain the MucoSave™ as an active ingredient at 400 mg per serving.

When we build products and protocols, we like to offer the most help possible via proven mechanisms of action shown to help the most. And, you should feel the difference too.

Note: Gut health isn't a one week magical process from totally crappy to totally well. That doesn't exist. And there is no single magic pill that resolve the entire complexity of gut health.

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbran, or click the link in our Instagram profile for our gut health protocols!

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