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Why do you need a great prebiotic?
In prebiotics there are good, better, and best options. Obviously, best is better than good. You can do something great with the gut or do something good for the gut.

A "best" type of prebiotic is able to target delicate bacteria species that are either not available in probiotics or are too delicate to be successfully used in a probiotic because they are not able to survive digestion.

A truly healthy gut has microbial diversity (not hundreds of billions of select bacteria). “Decreased diversity, considered an indicator of an unhealthy microbiome, has been linked to different chronic conditions such as obesity and type 2 diabetes.”

There is a constant war going on the gut between the “forces of good” and the “forces of evil.” When you do not reinforce the good but reinforce the bad (stress, poor diet choices, sickness, etc.) guess who wins?

Prebiotics are the fertilizer (fuel) for the gut. Precision (or targeted) prebiotics selectively target the good and drive down the bad bacteria. Most people think loading up on Bifidobacterium strains is the key. But the truth is (according to our gut specialists), a really good prebiotic will actually be more beneficial at increasing strains like Bifidobacterium in the gut than a Bifidobacterium probiotic will. 🤯

Finally, do you ever wonder why you keep exercising and eating healthy but can’t lose weight? There is a great chance it has to do with what you are fueling in your gut. Yes, the gut also affects hormones and hormones also affect weight. (Here is a tip: Your artificially sweetened diet soda and supplements aren’t feeding the right stuff in the gut for fat loss.)


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