Why Are We Hearing So Much About Gut Health Lately?

We are living in an "information era" which means we are benefitting from the ongoing borage of science and research. Gut health is an emerging "hot topic", as we discover more and more about the important role "good bacteria" play in the body.

To fully understand why, we need to step back a few years to the Human Genome Project (HGP) which was completed in 2003. This was an international research project designed to uncover all of the genes in the human genome. They found that humans have about 22,000 genes. While this sounds impressive, it's about the same amount as a basic rice plant.

So what makes humans so complex with so many more metabolic functions than a rice plant or an earthworm? Is there something else at play that aids in human function besides genes?

We now know the answer: Bacteria.

This lead to the Human Microbiome Project, a 5-year study designed to uncover how the human microbiome are associated with health and disease.

Researchers discovered that the human body has more than a 100 TRILLION bacteria cells and these play a crucial role in the overall health of the entire human species. More and more research is linking the balance of the bacteria in our gut to problems such as (but not limited to) autism, brain function, depression, addiction, Crohn's disease, cancer, diabetes, and ulcerative colitis. We now know that maintaining a proper balance of "good bacteria" in the gut can have a direct affect on our health. Over time, we have created a barrier between our bodies and the "healthy" bacteria in our environment. This has come through increased sanitation, chlorinated water, soil depletion and even something as simple as anti-microbial soaps.

Taking a quality probiotic is one of the many things we can do improve the balance of our gut flora. The probiotics must survive the stomach acid and digestion so they can collimate the intestine. So make sure you look for a probiotic that has been tested for survivability like Silver Fern™ Brand's Ultimate Probiotic.

As research continues, it will be interesting to see what more we learn about the importance of bacteria and human health.

Silver Fern™ Brand's Ultimate Probiotic is guaranteed to survive past the stomach to the intestinal tract where it is needed.

Charity Lighten, B.S., M.S.
Silver Fern™ Brand Chief Nutritionist

P.S. To learn more about the role gut bacteria plays in digestive disorders like Crohns, IBS, Leaky Gut and more, be sure to watch the recorded interview below between Nutritionist Charity Lighten, and Microbiologist Dr. Kiran Kirshnan. If you have digestive issues, you'll be glad you watched.


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