Why are probiotics key to SIBO, IBS, & histamine intolerance protocols? - gut health, probiotics, SIBO, IBS, histamine intolerance

Yes or no when using probiotics for SIBO, IBS, and histamine intolerances?⁠


No, you should not start off using probiotics in when addressing SIBO, IBS, or histamine Intolerances. First, they may actually make things worse. Second, they are not the most effective way to help with motility and cleaning up the gut, which is where you should start. ⁠

Yes, you do need them later on in the protocols though to help build up your tolerance for foods again so you aren't living on enzymes and food avoidance forever. ⁠

B. coagulans and S. boulardii are 2 probiotic strains we love for building up enzyme production in the body. We love these strains for nutrient absorption and a host of other things. ⁠

For those with no SIBO, IBS, and histamine intolerances, you can absolutely start with these strains to help the gut health. ⁠

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