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When dealing with major gut health issues, probiotics are needed but not to start - probiotics, immunoglobulins, IBS, SIBO

Should probiotics be part of the protocol to help restore gut health? Yes!!!!
Are probiotics the best place to start with these big issues? No.
🔹S. boulardii alone has been shown to be approximately 33% effective at helping with SIBO issues.
🔹Immunoglobulins have been shown in higher doses to be roughly 75% effective with SIBO issues?
What is my personal experience? When a person follows the right protocol for their situation and includes both the immunoglobulins and the right probiotics in the right order the percentage of success is much higher than either alone. Success is always the goal.
🔹Bacillus spore strains been shown to be “a promising treatment option for patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.” Experience shows that helping with IBS issues is much more effective starting with immunoglobulins at high doses and then combining immunoglobulins and spore-based probiotics after for about 6 to 9 months.
🔹Both SIBO and IBS with constipation problems are helped most when starting with addressing motility issues first using the right herbs shown to help with gastric emptying and motility problems before moving to immunoglobulins.
There is a correct order and dosing to gut health. When done correctly, issues are helped a lot. When done incorrectly, frustration and discouragement take over.
Are big health issues solved in 30 days or less? Nope!

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