What's causing your unhappy hormones - gut health, estrogen, testosterone, progesterone

MYTH: Let's just put you on [hormones, birth control, pellets] and that will be what you need to fix your hormones!

REALITY: A one-size-fits-all approach to helping your moods, metabolism, and energy [aka hormones] is a TERRIBLE idea!

Gone are the days when a woman would go to her physician and then docilely fill the prescription she is given without trying to understand how the medication will affect her body.

This does NOT get to the bottom of the problem and you will continue to ask yourself.....


Many women think that weight gain, mood swings, exhaustion and other symptoms like bloating, hot flashes and joint pain are just part of being a woman and considered normal and can’t be stopped.

But here’s the truth- there is a step-by-step approach that is critical to ACTUALLY helping your hormones! If you skip step one (finding the root cause) and jump to just treating or supplementing- you are going to stay stuck and never fully progress!

Getting to the bottom of what is causing your hormonal issues to start building your foundation is a CRITICAL aspect of you climbing out of that toilet bowl of feeling like crap.

Megan, NP has several ways of working with women to build the foundation including using our products as part of her approach when gut issues are a contributing cause! @meganblissnp

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