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Ladies, are you bloated and do you suffer from distension of the lower stomach? Maybe you have inflammation of the large intestine?

So, what causes this?
The "possible" cause of this (because the science is never 100% sure) is an immune system malfunction.

Leaky gut
Immune system malfunction

"Although no direct cause-and-effect relationship has been confirmed, all clinical and experimental data suggest the importance of intestinal hyperpermeability in the inflammatory changes of various diseases. Increased intestinal permeability is a new target for disease prevention and therapy. Considering the close relationship of ‘the leaky gut’ and gut dysbiosis to the major diseases..."
Increased Intestinal Permeability and Decreased Barrier Function: Does It Really Influence the Risk of Inflammation?

Could you possibly conclude from this information that you should focus aggressively on a protocol that reduces inflammation of the large intestine to help with bloating and distension? I would think so.

And if I were to suggest something specifically, I'd be sure to load up on immunoglobulins in high doses as part of that plan. Immunoglobulins have a lot of research for helping with IBD issues, reducing inflammation in the intestines, and decreasing immune activation. Not to mention, it just works REALLY well (in our opinion and experience). The down side is that immunoglobulins/antibodies are really expensive. You don't need to live on them though. Once again, fix the issues and then move to maintaining gut health.

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