What should you look for in your probiotic? - gut health, microbial diversity

Why don't we load people up with dozens and dozens of strains of tens of billions of CFUs?

Because that approach does not accomplish our gut health objectives for our probiotic, which are:
(1) Greater microbial diversity*
(2) Many, many good organisms and few to no bad organisms*
(3) Strong gut barrier (aka "less leaking")*
(4) Healthy and normal inflammatory responses (you don't win any prize for having high inflammatory markers)*
(5) Healthy and normal immune responses* (not inactive or overreactive) *

Ultimate Probiotic is the ultimate gut management probiotic. Its purpose is to help nurture back a wide range of good organisms to thrive (not just a few) and to push out bad organisms.

Are all reseeding probiotics bad? No, not at all. Can they be good? Yes, we think so. There is a lot of research on a lot of traditional probiotic strains that are good. Taken in adequate amounts here and there (but not overconsumed) may be helpful, but are these strains going to be your "restore balance to the microbiome" type strains? Not likely.

If you want our approach to probiotics, DM us #Probiotic on Instagram.

If you want do a big build-back gut protocol. DM us #Buildup.

If you have all sorts of gut issues, imbalances, constipation, reflux, heartburn, diarrhea, SIBO, IBS, leaky gut, etc., please DM us #Protocol. Please don't be shocked if the protocol we share does not have you starting on probiotics for bad gut health issues. All products need to be added in the proper order for what your situation is.

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