Hair Complex - gut health, keratin, hair growth

Formulated by women and for women. (Yes, men can take it too!)

Rome wasn't built in a year and hair growth doesn't change in a week. Hair Complex does work. But it needs time (60-90 days for full effect).

Silver Fern™ is a gut health company. So, why do we sell Hair Complex? (Tip: It isn't a gut health product)

Our co-founder has Hashimoto's and even after putting it into remission, her hair would not grow back. Her hair was thin, weak, damaged looking, and easily fell out. No shine. No volume. Thin. As someone in her 40s, these issues would usually signal that it wasn't coming back. But it did come back. It came back in growth, volume, shine, and strength. The Keragen-IV® was the initial "WOW" ingredient. It worked so the science team kept working to make Hair Complex even better.

To be fair (and honest), Hair Complex works great by itself but it works even better if you are working to improve nutrient absorption. Nutrients are only as good as they are absorbed, no surprise. Hair Complex contains very potent and proven ingredients. If you want to make them work even better, improve your gut health...CORRECTLY.

If you'd like more info on Hair Complex, DM us #HairComplex on Instagram.

If you also would like help with boosting nutrient absorption (like you really want to improve the mucosal barrier in the small intestine to make it "sticky" for nutrients, which also just so happens to be amazing for leaky gut concerns), DM us #Immune+ Protocol.

If you have all sorts of gut issues, DM us #Protocol. We will help direct you to the right protocol for you. FYI - We don't do gut health "sort of." We do it correctly and thoroughly.

Yes, you can use Hair Complex during the protocols. All protocols help with nutrient absorption.

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