Upper GI Relief - gut health, nausea, heartburn, reflux

When our family members have digestive discomforts, we suggest Upper GI Relief.

When we are coming out of surgery, our systems are slow and uncomfortable. We use Upper GI Relief.

When we eat too much and our stomachs hurt, we take Upper GI Relief.

When we know we are going to eat too much around a holiday, we use Upper GI Relief.

When someone in our family is suddenly constipated from travel or something else, we have them use Upper GI Relief.

This products has been a go-to staple for our company for many years because it works.

You can take 1-4 capsules per meal and you can take them for several days to get your system feeling better.

If you want information on Upper GI Relief, please DM us #GI Relief on Instagram.

If you have all sorts of gut health issues and need a full gut health protocol, please DM us #Protocol.

All protocols focus on:⁠
🔹Restoring food tolerance⁠
🔹Gut barrier integrity (for those worried about leaky gut)⁠
🔹Helping restore healthy inflammatory responses⁠
🔹Helping restore healthy immune function⁠
🔹Helping cleanout a wide range of bad stuff (candida, mold, mycotoxins, archaea overgrowth, hydrogen producing bacteria overgrowth, parasites, heavy metals, etc.)* ⁠

Protocols are big because we go big for big results. ⁠

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