What should prebiotics do? - gut health, microbiome, targeted prebiotic

Prebiotic. Its definitely a buzz word these days but most people misunderstand how impactful a prebiotic can be. We all assume the best way to increase beneficial bacteria is with probiotics. Not so.

A precision prebiotic should:
1️⃣ Help significantly stimulate the growth of a wide variety of beneficial bacterial (well beyond just Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium)*
2️⃣ Help ward off pathogens to reduce toxin load*
3️⃣ Help improve digestion*
4️⃣ Help improve metabolic markers (better insulin sensitivity)*
5️⃣ Help rebuild the gut barrier*

Targeted Prebiotic was formulated to pair with probiotics to help significantly rebuild the microbiome and support long-term gut health. It does this very well.*

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