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What causes stomach issues? - gut health, probiotics, cleanse, immunoglobulins/antibodies

When the causes of stomach issues continue to increase so will stomach problems. Why does someone⁠
need to manage their gut health daily? Because daily things happen that require maintenance of gut health, just like taking a daily multivitamin.⁠
Anyone have high stress over the last couple years? Is it fair to say that stress is going up for most people? Well, this is a major contributor to gut health problems.⁠
Does anyone get a little bit relaxed over holidays on their food and alcohol consumption? A poor diet and alcohol consumption can wreck gut balance causing all sorts of issues to come up.⁠
Anyone travel internationally in last several years? That’s a great way to be introduced to new bacteria and viruses that can really smash gut health.⁠
What about a weekend with a little too much alcohol? That never happens, right? (Joking)⁠
Anyone jump on a new diet in January to get in shape for summer?⁠
The truth is that even if we try our hardest, we aren’t going to be able to avoid all events in life that cause stomach issues. And to be honest, life should be enjoyed.⁠
Tiff and I just got back from Mexico. We had a wonderful time. We enjoy traveling. When we travel, we load up on Cleanse, Ultimate Probiotic, and Upper GI Relief. ⁠
I don’t want to polish off a wonderful vacation with stomach issues. I don’t want issues on my trip, and I don’t want issues after my trip. I don’t want to stop going places with Tiff. I enjoy trying new foods in new places when I travel. With that interest comes the chance of unfavorable “foreign invaders” to enter my stomach. By addressing that upfront I can enjoy my trip.

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