Want to know the secret to gut health? - probiotics, prebiotics, cleanse

Want to know the secret to gut health?

1. People buy products based on taste, packaging, and influencer endorsements. The best products don't necessarily taste good. In fact, healthy products very well may taste like the roots, herbs, and the extracts that they are. And big names behind the product doesn't make the product work better. It just makes for beautiful posts.

2. People start in the wrong spot. You need to start where your gut is starting from (not someone else's).

3. People think gut health should be a comfy and cozy process. Cleaning and building up the gut can be uncomfortable. Effectively going deep to help address underlying issues? This may be uncomfortable.

4. People expect a 20 year (2, 5, 10, or whatever time) gut issue should go away in 30 days or less. This isn't going to happen. It takes time.

5. People believe products alone will save the day. Effort away from products is definitely required. You can't fix a screwed up gut while pouring garbage into it at the same time.

6. People skip the suggested protocol, jump ahead, and do what has not been shown to be as effective to later then have to start over again.

7. People want a magic pill that is cheap, works fast, and addresses everything from constipation and diarrhea to reflux and stress in one bottle. This doesn't exist.

8. People dabble in gut health. They buy a product here. Try a product there. Unfortunately, sort of testing products on big issues is only going to work for symptoms. Big issues take time to help.

9. People have waited for so long and start with so many problems that the smallest amount of anything new absolutely kills their stomach. These people need to definitely start in the right spot, very slowly ease into products, and go back to point 3 because any process is going to hurt.

Commit and do gut health right or you very well may end up at point 9.

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