Unlocking better haelth with K2D3

Our son (a basketball and football lover) found an ad on his mom's phone years ago that told him if he paired Vitamin K2 and D3 together he could grow 2 inches within 6 months. Obviously, this message is not accurate, but he was really excited about it. šŸ¤£

That said, taking vitamins K2 and D3 is incredible for strong bones, a healthy immune system, heart health, etc. We do have our children take this daily. We also take this combination daily. And we hope for our son's sake that maybe it will cause him to grow fast so he can achieve his goal of playing college ball.

If you know our brand, you know we don't halfway build products. K2D3 is no different.

We did a full audit on the best natural sources of Vitamin K2. Our team felt like MenaquinGoldĀ® is the highest quality. They then used the research-supported dosing of 300 mcg (did you know, many supplements don't put the research-supported dosing in their supplements?).

With our Vitamin D3, our team took the same approach as they did with Vitamin K2. They found a very clean source of Vitamin D3 from sheep's wool (lanolin) with strong supporting data.

The combining 300 mcg of Vitamin K2 is what our science team found necessary to maximize the benefits of 1,000 IU of Vitamin D3. Many want to know why we did not go with 5,000 IU or more of Vitamin D3. The fast answer is that most people do not need 5,000 IU of Vitamin D3. Some may need it for autoimmune issues, etc.

We hope you love K2D3 as much as others.

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