True probiotics can enhance the benefits of antibiotics as well help with the issues they cause - gut health, probiotics

Antibiotics happen. Most people have used them at one point or another. But antibiotics don’t have to create a disaster in your gut.
Choosing the right probiotics (i.e., B. subtilis, S. bouardii) that can actually improve how well antibiotics work is a plus.
For example, tired of recurring UTIs? B. subtilis along with antibiotics has been shown to be significantly more effective than antibiotics alone at reducing recurring UTIs.
SIBO anyone? Adding S. boulardii has been shown to increase the success rate from 25% with antibiotics alone to 55% with those same antibiotics and S. boulardii together. (Though I personally still strongly recommend a high dose of immunoglobulins as step one for SIBO issues).
But choosing probiotics that work well with antibiotics alone isn’t enough. You need probiotics that help prevent the damage associated with antibiotics.
What strains offer this?
• S. boulardii
• B. clausii
• B. coagulans
• B. subtilis
When your doctor tells you to take probiotics to help with issues caused by antibiotics, please consider these strains. They are proven to work.

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