Thyroid, gut health, and fitness - probiotics, prebiotics

I exercised and dieted for years and years with nothing to really show for it except:⁠
👎🏼 Prediabetes⁠
👎🏼 Yo-yoing weight (by about 15 lbs.)⁠
👎🏼 A waistline that never changed⁠
👎🏼 A belly that never changed⁠
👎🏼 Consistently high blood pressure and cholesterol⁠
👎🏼 Discouragement⁠

I have had hypothyroidism issues for years. My levels jumped all over the planet. I went from one specialist to another. I did bloodwork 3 or more times a year for years. Also crazy discouraging. ⁠

Gut health was the tipping point for me. ⁠

When my gut health improved, so did my thyroid levels. When my thyroid and gut health were both better, weight loss was 100 times easier doing the same programs I had done for years. My cravings and appetite changed. My waistline shrunk. It was not a 30 to 90 day process. It took a solid year. But for me, it was totally worth it! ⁠

Yes, dieting and exercise are important. No one is going to lose a lot of weight eating fast food all day and being sedentary (but wouldn't that be amazing if you could, right? lol). ⁠

If you have discouraging weight issues and have tried everything else, please consider getting your gut cleaned up and your thyroid tested to see if you need help with that too.⁠

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