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The science shows loading up on Immunoglobulins helps address IBD issues - gut health, colitis, crohns

Desperate to address IBD issues? The science says, “Load up on immunoglobulins.”
Loading up on immunoglobulins means taking between 8 and 10 grams for 10-30 days initially, followed with 4- 5 grams for another approximately 30-74 days.
“Upon oral administration of SBI, the Ig promotes gastrointestinal (GI) health by improving the composition of the GI microflora, enhancing digestive processes, and increasing gut barrier integrity and function. SBI may also improve immune function, maintain immune homeostasis, bind to and neutralize bacterial toxins and antigens, and decrease intestinal inflammation. Altogether, this may enhance the functioning of the GI tract, improve both the digestion and absorption of nutrients, and increase weight gain.”
“SBI is an animal derived protein isolate from the serum of cows containing >50% IgG. It has been used for patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, human immunodeficiency virus enteropathy and antibiotic-associated diarrhea for symptomatic relief of diarrhea with good results and minimal side effects.”
“Since there are no cures for IBD, the goals of treatment are to send IBD into remission and improve the quality of life. Germs activate the immune system and trigger an inflammatory response that can cause flare-ups in IBD symptoms. The natural immunoglobulins in SBI may help to neutralize these pathogens and reduce production of this inflammatory response. The reduction of inflammation and the impact on potentially reducing an autoimmune response plays a crucial role in the health of those with IBD.”

(Note: If you struggle with constipation, please start with motility help BEFORE taking immunoglobulins)


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