The majority of health problems stem from inflammation - gut health, gastritis, GERD, histamine, SIBO, depression

I am the last person on the planet earth that will tell someone that they can never go eat out and enjoy a delicious meal. ⁠


A predominately western diet full of fast foods, processed foods, sugars, empty carbs, and unhealthy fats can be fuel to an already raging fire going on inside you. ⁠

A gut health protocol should hyper focus on promoting microbial balance, microbial diversity, gut barrier integrity, and normal inflammatory processes. If you have extensive inflammatory issues, you need a full gut health plan to calm it down from the mucus layer all the way through. Trying to calm serious inflammatory problems with a single regular dose of a cheap probiotic is like trying to build a skyscraper from ground up with a child's screw driver.⁠

When your system is calmed down and friendly, you can go out and have fun enjoying food freedom (within balance and moderation). But if you live on unhealthy food, your system is most likely going to remain inflamed. You may not know it yet, but the consequences will come. ⁠

And products alone cannot offset the harm done by pouring gasoline on the fire inside you. ⁠

Inflammatory issues should be an absolute target of any gut health protocol, probiotic, prebiotic, or any gut health product for that matter. ⁠

Can a company use the words like, "Anti-Inflammatory" on a product label? Absolutely not. That is not allowed unless the product is a drug and a prescription. But ingredients in gut products should be hyper focused on this issue. ⁠

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