The gut, skin, and estrogen are all interconnected - gut health, probiotics, cleanse, reflux

How does diet affect your skin?

Diet affects the gut microflora, which affects skin health. "Estrogens promote health and support homeostasis in general and directly impact dermal health."

The gut, skin, and estrogen are all interconnected.

Does estrogen affect skin health? Yes.
Does gut health affect circulating estrogen? Yes.

When skin issues just won't go away, try focusing on your gut health. That may be the missing key to clearer skin.

We find that when a person is taking Cleanse, Ultimate Probiotic, and Reflux-Mucosal Support, it helps with skin issues. This is IF you don't have other major gut issues. If you have pretty bad gut issues, please consider asking for a free protocol on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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