The gut is key to metabolism, abdominal fat reduction, cravings, appetite, etc. - gut health, probiotics, prebiotics, weight loss

The gut is key to the metabolism, abdominal fat (visceral and belly fat) reduction, cravings, appetite, etc.⁠
Can improving gut health in the right way target belly fat reduction? The scientific indicators and personal experience say that’s the case. ⁠
The science is also suggesting that gut bacteria have a greater influence on body fat than diet.⁠
▪️“Study suggests bacteria in the gut has a greater influence on body fat compared to diet”⁠
▪️“Research shows that the gut microbiota affects a person’s visceral fat mass regardless of dietary intake”⁠
Of course, diet and exercise matter for addressing reduction of fat loss. But the science says that⁠
if a person is struggling with weight loss and fat mass retention then they should look to gut health to⁠
address it.⁠

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