The gut is critical for weight management - gut health, micrlobiome, weight loss

Me: The gut is a critical component of long-term weight management.

You: But I see skinny people drinking diet soda and loading up on artificially sweetened supplements all over the place. Those are supposed to be bad for the gut, right? How are they skinny?

Me: A person with great genetics who counts macros and exercises three hours a day six days a week is going to be lean. People that are that dedicated are going to be lean. Hard work pays off. The rest of us, however, may need to account for the fact that the microbiome does play a significant role in weight management efforts.

Research and experience say that the microbiome is a key part of weight management. It is not the entire answer to losing fat and building muscle, but it is a key part of it.

What we know is that there are 4 bacteria (mentioned on slide/image 1) that have a critical role in weight loss.

We know that short-chain fatty acids are key to weight loss.

We know that when the Firmicutes/Bacteroidetes (F/B) ratio is imbalanced people tend to be obese.

We know that a leaky gut (metabolic obesity) is a very relevant factor in weight gain/obesity.

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