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The gut directs cravings, appetite, fat storage, & metabolism-weight gain, gut health, long-term weight loss

The gut directs cravings, appetite, fat storage, and the metabolism. Don’t believe me? Ask someone with candida yeast overgrowth how their sugar cravings are going. Or research the term “dysbiosis” (bacteria imbalances) and “obesity”, “weight gain”, or “metabolic syndrome.” They are directly linked together. ⁠
💊Guess how many people gain weight and can’t lose it after back-to-back usages of antibiotics? A lot. ⁠
🍟Why are fast foods, soda pop, sugary treats, and artificial sweeteners a problem for people trying to drop fat? Among other things, they are major contributors to bacteria imbalances.⁠
Here’s a fact. The gut and brain talk to each other (Gut-Brain Axis). Too much bad bacteria and yeast are⁠
the root cause of the problems people have with long-term weight and fat loss. When a person has an underlying issue of wanting unhealthy foods and wanting to eat them in larger portions the weight gain is going to come back.⁠
Good bacteria increase short-chain fatty acids that control fat burn, appetite, and metabolism.⁠
“Why don’t diet and health programs focus on gut health as part of their programs to help their clients?” I have no clue. There is ample evidence that poor gut health causes weight gain and good gut health contributes to a lean body composition.⁠
The Boost Kit Program (products and lifestyle suggestions combined) will help change the gut to promote healthy body composition changes (less fat and more lean muscle). It addresses cravings, appetite, metabolism, and fat burning. Products alone don’t work, and the lifestyle suggestions alone don’t work. Together, they're 🔥Add these concepts into an exercise or diet program to make them perform better.⁠

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