The gut and sleep, they both affect the other so what can be done? - gut health, probiotics, prebiotics

With the gut-sleep connection the door swings both ways.
Gut health affects sleep and sleep affects gut health. In order to help both of them a person needs to address both of them with equal effort.
The gut and brain affect one another:
▪️“…by regulating the production of essential neurotransmitters, like serotonin, which signals your brain cells to take certain actions.”
▪️“A final way is through the vagus nerve, which connects your gut directly to your brain. Through this route, substances produced by your gut microbiome can affect brain functions including sleep. 
Frequently, it is suggested to me that a person is not sure how their gut became so messed up. While that answer can be different for everyone the fact is that there can be a lot of answers. As it turns out limited sleep over an extended period of time is one the contributors. BUT the good news is that we also know that by improving sleep one can help improve gut health.
“There’s an increasing amount of evidence that the makeup of your gut microbiome is linked to how well you sleep.”
(https://joinzoe .com/learn/gut-health-affects-sleep)
As always with gut health, start in the right spot. Specific to increasing bacteria diversity in the gut, I suggest the Boost Kit (Ultimate Probiotic and Targeted Prebiotic). This kit is our way to rapidly increase bacteria diversity.

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