Stressing will only make constipation worse

If you are interested in making your digestive issues worse then start worrying about it. Even better yet, really fret it and worry about it. That will lock things up super fast. ⁠

Stress causes constipation. ⁠
Stress slows down digestion. ⁠
Stress is a motility stopper. ⁠
Stress causes bloating.⁠
Stress causes inflammation. ⁠
Stress causes cramping.⁠
Stress causes the gut to have imbalances. ⁠

If you chase gut health like many do the stock market (hourly and daily), you are likely going to make things worse. Get on a protocol. Do it the right way. And give it the time it needs to work. A 90 day protocol doesn't fix everything in 30 days.⁠

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