Slowing the flow of toxins to the liver, helps stop the problem before it starts - gut health, liver detox, liver disease

Bailing out the toxins may be important. But plugging the holes that are allowing the toxins into the liver in the first place is essential. Please do not allow the urgency of the concern to distract from the necessity of doing the process correctly.

The best form of a liver detox stops the flow of toxins to the liver in the first place.

Can natural ingredients like milk thistle protect the liver from toxins? Yes. Mount Sinai thinks so.
How about...
green tea
artichoke leaf

Yes, those are all good too. In fact, we load people up on herbs like licorice (w/o all the glycyrrhiza) and artichoke leaf extract in step 1 of our protocols for this purpose.

But from a science perspective, if you are not cleaning up the gut and strengthening the gut barrier as part of your liver detox protocol, you are always going to have toxins translocating to the liver that should be staying and processing in the digestive system.

If you are on a protocol with Silver Fern™ you are already helping the liver from several different angles, even if it isn't mentioned. Remember, we like to help with "everything" we can possibly help with in the same protocol.

Do we plan on having a future liver product? Yes.

Years ago I asked our research team why we weren't focusing on the liver with all of our detox / clean up protocols. They said we are 100% focused on the liver from the most fundamentally correct way you can: stopping the flow of toxins to the liver causing the liver to be inflamed in the first place.

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