Persistent inflammation causes a myriad of other health issues - gut health, leaky gut, probiotics

Persistent inflammation is the slow silent underlying cause that comes over an extended period of time that mucks up your body from top to bottom causing a whole collage of health problems.

Some people ask to have their protocols address persistent inflammation. Some people don’t know to ask for help with persistent inflammation. All gut health protocols should always address inflammation. But why?

The average person comes in with a full mix of health concerns. They don’t know the cause. They have usually been symptom smashing for years and are finally exhausted. If you can find multiple issues from this list of options, then you likely have persistent, subtle, low-grade inflammation brewing in your system bubbling up issues all over your body.

Digestive Issues:
Constipation, diarrhea, reflux/heartburn, bloating, nausea, belching, burping, abdominal pain, etc.

Mental Issues:
Anxiety/stress, depression, brain fog, poor memory, moody, etc.

Skin Issues:
Acne, allergy irritations, eczema, etc.

Hormone Issues:
Acne, diabetes, irregular menstruation/periods, thyroid problems, weight issues, excess cortisol, etc.

There is no magic pill to suddenly make the cause (persistent inflammation) that has been brewing for years and years suddenly disappear. And diet and exercise alone aren't going to do the trick. They are helpful, but they won't fully resolve the problem.

Your gut health protocol/plan/products should hyper focus on inflammation because if it doesn’t then you are not going to see improvements in the collage of health problems you can’t seem to figure out. Every part of your protocol from beginning (motility support) to end (probiotics and prebiotics) better put out the flames of inflammation.

[Note: Knocking this out takes longer than a week. It also won't take forever. It requires a deliberate, brutally direct, and intentional approach to fixing it with clear cut no questions asked mechanisms of action for addressing inflammation.]

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