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Managerial vs. reseeding probiotics, what are the health benefits? - gut health, leaky gut

I’m asked about probiotics daily. While reseeding probiotics loaded with tens of billions of CFUs of various lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains do have benefits, I much more strongly suggest the use of true managerial probiotics that use a few key strains with much higher survivability for an initial gut clean up and build out.
True managerial probiotics will address gut bacteria imbalances, inflammatory issues, and leaky gut issues (which are the core of most gut problems). With probiotics there are categories of crappy, good, better, and best. Choosing a crappy one will make a person feel good that they are taking a probiotic each day. The best types will help change the microbiome.
BTW - I’m not suggesting one should start with probiotics. That’s not what I am saying either. But a very aggressive managerial probiotic with strains that are both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal should be introduced to the gut at the right time and be used long-term for gut maintenance.
If after a gut is healthy and doing well a person wants to load up on various reseeding strains clinically shown to help do this or that, then great. We use a strain, B. longum 1714™ (a reseeding strain), in our feel-good product. I like it a lot. But I definitely wouldn’t start there for a probiotic choice to help get the gut back in order.
Start the right products in the right order to be most effective with gut health. And when the time is right for probiotics, please choose one that’s going to help A LOT not just a little.

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