Looking to rapidly build up your gut health? - prebiotics, SCFAs, polyphenols, fat loss

“Studies have shown that short-chain fatty acids also regulate fat metabolism by increasing fat burning and decreasing fat storage.” ⁠
Looking to rapidly build up your gut health? This is one of those precision prebiotics that can do it. These amazing citrus polyphenols (MicrobiomeX®) are able to:⁠
✔️ Change the gut microbiome composition⁠
🛡️ Protect and improve gut barrier function⁠
⚕️ Activate the immune system ⁠
⬇️ Lower gut inflammation through a positive shift in the microbiome (increased SCFAs like butyrate and a lower pathogen load). ⁠
These polyphenols are proven to increase gut microbial composition, protect the gut barrier, and support flourishing total body health. ⁠
Epidemiological studies show a positive relationship between flavonoid-rich foods and the reduction of metabolic syndrome. Researchers believe the mechanism behind citrus polyphenol’s anti-obesity potential is rooted in interactions within the gut microbiome.⁠
In fact, a recent murine study found that citrus polyphenols reverse the effects of diet induced metabolic syndrome, reduce body fat accumulation, and alleviate gut dysbiosis. This may be due to the prebiotic effect of polyphenols on Bacteroides spp. Many Bacteroides species can regulate branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) production and modulate host metabolism. ⁠


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