Lingering symptoms after getting C*vid? - gut health, immune system

Still having issues after getting c*vid a while ago?⁠

When C*vid ran through our house, I was extremely grateful that we had been working on gut health for some time. I had such an awful immune system years before that had it been around then I would most likely have had a real problem with it. ⁠

As you know, c*vid is well known for having trailing symptoms. The best way for addressing these has to do with supporting the body's systems in fighting viral infections. Also, c*vid causes hyper-inflammation. The c*vid virus "...involves activation of multiple inflammatory pathways leading to hyperinflammation and cytokine storm..." Because of this, it is also advisable to help calm the inflammatory responses in the body. ⁠⁠

Further, disrupted intestinal barrier integrity has also been shown to determine the severity of c*vid issues. ⁠

Based upon all of this, it may be suggested that it may be helpful to:⁠
✔️ focus on microbial diversity and balance⁠
✔️ help reduce inflammatory processes⁠
✔️ rebuild the gut barrier⁠
These efforts may also be a productive option to help reduce long-c*vid symptoms and issues associated with problems like MCAS as well as histamine intolerances. ⁠

The question to ask is, has anything been shown to help reduce long-c*vid issues? ⁠

The answer is "yes." ⁠

"Serum-derived bovine immunoglobulin/protein isolate (SBI) may prevent progression by (1) binding and neutralizing inflammatory antigens, (2) decreasing gut permeability, (3) interfering with ACE2 binding by viral proteins, and (4) improving the fecal microbiome. SBI is therefore a promising intervention to prevent disease progression in [c*vid-19] patients."⁠⁠

A strong gut health plan may be very helpful for addressing what has happened and what yet may happen in your life to make life feel a little better.⁠

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