How does poor gut health effect weight gain? - probiotics, metabolism, weigh loss

Wondering how the gut causes weight/fat gain? This cycle feeds on itself AND when it keeps being reinforced a person can’t exercise and diet themselves into weight/fat loss.

Let's talk stress and high cortisol. They also cause bacteria imbalances. But since gut bacteria manage stress responses, leaky gut and inflammation can make stress reactions worse by driving up cortisol levels even more. Stress/high cortisol levels and dysbiosis feed off of each other in a vicious cycle.

There are genetically skinny people that can make skinny and gut problems co-exist. Lucky people. I'm jealous.

There are very driven people whose lives revolve around fitness and dieting that make skinny and gut problems co-exist. I can't do this.

What if you can reverse these steps that cause weight gain? What if by correcting gut issues you can improve your body composition goals? The right gut protocol will address dysbiosis, leaky gut, inflammation, short-chain fatty acid production, increase lean bacterium types, and bind/eliminate candida overgrowth.

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