How can you address chronic diarrhea symptoms - gut health, cleanse, immunoglobulins,

Here are 2 big facts (that shouldn’t be surprising) about addressing bad diarrhea issues:
1️⃣ Bad underlying issues aren’t resolved in a week, and it isn’t resolved with a $25 product.
2️⃣ If you rapidly remove all of the causes, the issues then go away and don’t come back
What about addressing C. diff, H. pylori, Candida, mold, E. coli, LPS, leaky gut, etc.?
Immunoglobulins, immunoglobulins, immunoglobulins, immunoglobulins, and immunoglobulins.
What are immunoglobulins? Antibodies like IgG, IgA, and IgM (I am not referring to IgE here).
Are there side effects to high doses of immunoglobulins?
First, they do not cause a laxative type of effect 🚫 They are a binder.
Side effects:
Immunoglobulins target, bind, and remove inflammatory causing toxins/pathogens. They break down years of plague buildup (biofilms) on the intestinal walls. This can make stools harder than normal. The binding action of immunoglobulins is called steric exclusion. When a toxin is bound, its size increases to prevent it from going through the gut lining. When toxin load is high, and a lot of immunoglobulins are suddenly introduced a person can have these TEMPORARY side effects:
🔹Feeling constipated
🔹Stomach cramps
🔹Increased urination
How do you address these issues?
⬇️Reduce the dose temporarily
🚰Drink more water
🏃🏻‍♂️Be more active.
Do immunoglobulins help with bloating, inflammatory issues, autoimmune issues, bacteria imbalances, food intolerances/sensitivities, etc.? YES!
(Note: Protocols for moderate to severe diarrhea issues coupled with bloating, food issues, etc. require more aggressive dosing of immunoglobulins. That’s the science and that’s what works!)
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